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Every circumstance we encounter has a specific purpose, no matter whether the situation seems ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Now, we’re all human. This means we’re all prone to the influence of our minds; the ego. And when we encounter disruptions to our inner peace, we don’t always process them as serving a purpose. We process these disruptions as pain and inconveniences and sometimes take on a victim-like mentality...

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A Welcome From Olivia

There’s something about releasing your stream of consciousness onto something tangible that provides something neither speaking out loud or thinking can provide. It brings whatever is going on inside of us to life. And as our thoughts and feelings ebb and flow, it gives us something to look back on, to reflect on and enables us to fit certain puzzle pieces together.

Goddess, you are more powerful than you can currently comprehend.

And committing to your healing and fully embodying the highest version of yourself empowers you to use your innate ability to love, nourish and lead to help heal the collective.

This is why I created Writers Who Heal.

When we heal ourselves, we trigger the healing of those around us and the healing of the generations that come after us. Healing is pivotal in raising the frequency of the collective.

Knowing the power of the written word when it comes to healing, I created this community to encourage, teach and uplift women who include or would like to start including writing as a part of their healing. From those who keep a simple journal practice to those who develop complete projects as part of their healing process, to those who simply write during the times they need to release, this is the space to connect and simply be.

Here, we’ll feel and witness the healing of the women before us, among us and those after us.

Welcome, Goddess.