Why Self-Care is so Crucial

Do you understand the importance of self-care? Do you realise just how crucial it is to unapologetically tend to yourself – mind, body and soul?

We get caught by the misconception that we’ll be able to slow down and take better care of ourselves properly once we have certain external things in place; once we’ve made the money that we want to make, once we have the home that we think we need, once we have the freedom we crave etc.

How backwards.

Out of fear of not being in control, we try to take the most action to achieve what we want, instead of actually sitting back and listening to the messages we’re intuitively receiving. Over-exerting ourselves is not necessarily the way. Regardless of what’s going on around you, there is nothing to fear when you allow yourself to be guided. It’s a matter of not giving energy to thoughts triggered by worry and self-doubt.

Self-care is a topic that’s discussed a lot these days and definitely for good reason. However, I want to quickly dig a little deeper into a few reasons why it is essential to have self-care at the top of your list of priorities:

  1. The emotions triggered by your experiences are direct reflections of whatever is going on within you.
  2. It is completely and utterly your responsibility to get your life to where you’d like it to be. If your external circumstances mirror your internal state, you’re going to need to give it some attention.
  3. I’m sure I’ve said this a thousand times, but I will continue to say it for as long as necessary. You are powerful. And capable of incredible things. Challenge yourself to move past fear and see how far you can elevate.

I’ll finish off by saying this. You deserve to feel free, happy, abundant, beautiful, sexy, safe, loved, stress-free. You don’t need to earn it. It is your birthright. So never, ever feel bad for being unapologetically you and putting yourself first.

By Olivia, Founder of WWH

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