Allowing Ourselves to be Human

In an age with a heightened attention to wellness and a highlighted importance of self-awareness, it can be easy to fall into a mode of wanting to be pretty much perfect when it comes to mastering ourselves. We may not realise this is what we’re striving for at first, but it’s often brought to our attention when we find ourselves falling out of alignment with who we’re striving to be at times…and then becoming overwhelmed with guilt and shame. It may be that we’ve found ourselves being judgmental, allowing jealousy to consume us or even finding that we’re speaking negatively of someone or something.

Whilst these things aren’t necessarily favourable, it’s important to remember that we are all human. ‘Mastering’ self does not come from being squeaky clean one-hundred percent of the time, but from the actual realisation that we’ve temporarily fallen from our intended path. In other words, the very fact that you even recognise when you’ve come out of alignment with who you’re truly are shows you just how far you’ve actually come – there was perhaps a time in life when you would have done this without a second thought.

Here’s the thing; guilt, shame and worry – they’re all low-vibrational. And dwelling in those feelings will keep us from getting back on track, for longer.

Compassion is something that should not only be reserved for others; it’s for us to give ourselves first and foremost. We’re spiritual beings, but it’s important to remember that we’re having a human experience. All of us have healing, releasing and undoing to take care of – this is part of the human experience – so it’s essential for us to give ourselves the room to simply be.

It’s not about never falling off. It’s about what we do once we realise that we have.

It’s about leaving the ego behind and choosing to go forward from a place of love. Even the individuals you view as the most loving, self-aware and masters of spirituality sometimes behave in ways that are not always in alignment with any of those things. It doesn’t make them any less divine. And neither does it make you.

Setting unsustainable standards and expectations for ourselves has the potential to send us to a dark place whenever we fail to meet them. This is not to say we shouldn’t strive to be better – growth is important. It just means that we should always allow ourselves to be the imperfectly perfect humans that we are, checking ourselves when we fall off and showing ourselves the patience, love and compassion that we deserve when we’re getting back on track.

By Olivia, Founder of WWH

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