Just how powerful are we?

I undoubtedly know within my being that we are powerful beings. And as individually unique expressions of the universe and all that is, our potential is out of this world.

But what’s the use if we don’t tap into it?

Personally, I’ve struggled quite a bit with knowing my power but feeling as though I just can’t seem to fully tap into it. In a way, I’ve felt and still continue to feel burdened by my belief system.

Our beliefs systems are built from the day we are born throughout the course of our lives. From the things we are taught and shown. Sometimes I think to myself, why couldn’t I just have been taught how powerful I am? This is usually during the times when I’m struggling with challenging areas of my life in which the situations I’m in just don’t seem to budge.

Reprogramming my mind feels hard.

As a woman who strives to be a positive light in my life and in the lives of others, it feels difficult to come to terms with the instances in which I feel the weight of resentment for the limited beliefs bestowed upon me whilst growing up. Whilst I feel a sense of achievement in certain areas of my spiritual being, there are other areas in which I really struggle. It leaves me questioning my power and honestly sometimes feeling as if life is some sort of sick joke.

Now, positivity is one of my aims, but my ultimate aim is to highlight the very real feeling and challenges we face in a world that is awakening to its power. In a world that is becoming aware of the possibility that everything it seeks may not be external, but rather within. It can feel tough. Especially since the mind (the thing that often holds us back) is powerful as hell. And the situations we sometimes find ourselves in seem dire.

Instead of going on about how we all need to acknowledge and own up to our power, I want to use this time to acknowledge how much of a difficult task it may seem. How hard it may feel to simply ‘allow’ instead of ‘do’ and how frustrating it can be knowing and understanding what you’re cable of but having a subconscious mind with huge limiting beliefs that feel difficult to overcome.

You are not alone. Your situations are not a figment of your imagination and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that your mind sometimes has more power that you’d like it to.

I just want you to know that your efforts are not in vain and you will get past this hurdle.

It is true that you are powerful. Very powerful. But give yourself some compassion whilst you’re unlearning everything that was designed to shift you away from what you truly are. We are in a time of a huge awakening. Everyone is going through some intense stuff. But just know within your heart that every single one of your experiences is contributing to the breakthrough that you are on the brink of.

By Olivia, Founder of Writers Who Heal

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