Our Story

A community for any woman who follows the call to put pen to paper.

Women are innately powerful beings, and somewhere along the line, we forgot just how magical we are. Our healing is necessary. Not only for the evolution of ourselves, but in order to trigger, nourish and cultivate the healing of the collective. When we heal ourselves, we heal the generations that come after us, and so on.

Writing is a powerful tool that serves not only as a way to bring our innermost feelings to life, but also as a way to connect with and empower those who perhaps can’t find the words themselves.

Divine Feminine Energy

Through beautiful experiences, online and offline, Writers Who Heal creates judgement-free spaces for women to explore where the power of words can take them during their healing processes. It’s a place to connect with other like-minded souls, a place of empowerment and a place to share each other's words. Your words matter and there is someone, somewhere who needs to hear exactly what you have stored deep within you.

Take a look around, sign up to The Sacred Space and register for any experiences that speak to your soul. It’s about to be a beautiful, powerful and fulfilling journey. We’re so grateful to have you on board.

Meet the Founder

Olivia Alexis is a writer, entrepreneur and an advocate of self-development, wellness and healing. Founder of Writers Who Heal, Olivia is passionate about using writing as a form of healing and creates safe spaces, through her community, for women to heal using the written word. You can find Olivia and her Writers Who Heal community on Instagram @theoliviaalexis & @writerswhoheal, Facebook @oliviaalexisblog & @writerswhoheal and at oliviaalexis.com.


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The Sacred Space is a monthly newsletter by Writers Who Heal, and is an opportunity to see what our community has achieved throughout the course of the month. Featuring actionable advice, tips and encouragement, it also serves an opportunity to gain some extra inspiration and motivation for you to commit to your healing and completely embody the divine being you truly are.