The Power of Presence

We hear about being in the present moment all the time, but do we really understand the power of it?

For me, choosing to be present has often meant choosing between drowning in anxiety or peace. Presence has provided a way out of situations that have felt otherwise debilitating. 

You may have heard the phrase ‘the only time is now.’ Which is true, but I know just how difficult this can be to grasp in the current world that we live in. When the fear of something is very real because you know you haven’t simply made it up in your head. You know it could happen. So the idea that ‘the only time is now’ is not always a welcome one. 

However, one thing I will say is that as ‘woo woo’ as it may sound, every single moment is a new opportunity for a plot twist. Anything can change in any given moment. You see, our fears are based on what we have experienced in the past, so the idea of things taking a different turn can feel incomprehensible. 

It's not the fact that your situation may suddenly take a supernatural turn, but there’s this beautiful thing called perspective. It’s very powerful and it’s ours to do what we will with; when we open ourselves up to even slightly changing our view or simply wiping away the clouds of fear and worry, we expose ourselves to new opportunities and solutions - ones that more often than not, were always there. But if we’re not here, in the very moment that’s taking place right now, it can be quite easy to miss them . 

Presence is powerful. 

So much is happening in the present moment. So much is being shown to us in the present moment. It’s all about showing up in it. If someone told you there’s a building down the street that houses all the solutions to all of your problems but that you’ve just got to go there, would you show up? Of course you would. It’s the same with presence. It may not be a physical place that you go to, but it’s very real and houses a lot of the solutions that we’re looking for. We just need to step out in faith and show up.

By Olivia, Founder of WWH

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