Understanding Your Divinity

When I’m going through a turbulent time, something that never fails to bring me peace - even if it’s fleeting - is remembering my innate and irremovable connection to divinity. It’s what makes me immensely grateful for the work I’ve put in over the years to ground myself in who I really am and understand myself as a spiritual being. Remembering my divinity reminds me that no matter what I face on the outside, I will always be okay if I put my faith in and trust in source energy. It’s a law, like gravity, which cannot be changed.

As human beings, we are susceptible to doubts, fears, worry and what we perceive as negative experiences, but once we understand who we really are we can understand our true power and work through whatever we are faced with. 

It can be easy to forget how divine we are, especially when we get caught up in who we are in the flesh, instead of who we are in spirit. But here are a few ways we can re-centre ourselves and step out of our often self-imposed bubbles so that we can harness the power of our higher selves:

Separate yourself from your feelings

This may sound strange, but it’s important to remember that you are experiencing whatever low vibrational feelings you have, rather than being them. You are not your feelings. Feelings, come, go and change. You, as a spiritual being, remain. 

This is important because it means you can now begin to look at things objectively and analytically. It’s in this frame of mind that you can also more easily ask yourself why it is that you’re going through this experience. 

Remember that every other being around you is divine, but may also be facing similar battles around what it means to be a physical and spiritual being

This is also important because many of our hardships tend to involve the perceptions, thoughts and opinions of other people. We can sometimes place a little too much of an emphasis on what other people think of us, which can suggest that we value their (possibly ego-based) opinions over own own truths. Remember that nothing outside of you can lead you better than your connection to divinity, the universe, source energy, God.

Understand that every experience - whether perceived positively or negatively - is contributing towards the evolution of yourself and the evolution of the collective

This may be a tough one to swallow, but we perceive things as positive or negative due to beliefs ingrained within us. Every negative experience you have lets you know that there’s something you need to address. It’s the perfect opportunity to question yourself; Why do you feel the way you do? What beliefs do you have about the situation? Are these beliefs serving you?

And how exactly are we contributing to the evolution of the collective? Because having a heightened sense of self-awareness brings us closer to our higher selves. Plus, change starts from within. When an individual evolves, it affects how they go out into the world, how they interact with other people and how they contribute towards society, which in turn has a rippling effect. When one grows, we all grow.

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