What it Means to Heal

The importance of healing is coming to the attention of many. This is wonderful, powerful and necessary.

For those of you beautiful souls who may be a little unsure about what it means to heal, or are unsure of what healing would look like for you, I’d like to take this time to help define healing.

To heal is to become at peace with areas of ourselves and our lives - past or present - that we may be uncomfortable with, are scared to face or that evoke negative energy within us, keeping us operating way below our potential and finding it difficult to flourish.

Healing is acceptance. Acceptance of what was and acceptance of what is.

Healing is coming to the understanding that your past doesn’t define you.

Healing is understanding that you have the power to change your story. It’s understanding that if you want freedom, you have to free yourself.

The importance of healing as a woman.

Women are life-givers. As intuitive beings divinely connected to nature, we have the innate ability to love, to lead and to heal.

When we unapologetically step into our power, we make profound contributions towards the healing of those around us.

Many of us find it hard to embrace our sacredness and our divinity due to beliefs we adopted while growing up and through experiences that have repeatedly diminished our power and worth as women. But regardless of what we’ve been through, it’s up to us to take control of the course of our lives and commit to our personal growth and healing. In order to be a guiding light to those closest to us and to the world, we need to fill our own cups. And to do this, we need to strive to fully embody the truest and highest form of ourselves.

How do we begin to heal?

We face up to the very things we’ve been afraid to face and we work to release low-vibrational energy within us, to bring us back into alignment with who we truly are.

It’s the unanswered questions about ourselves that we’ve been afraid to pursue.

It’s the beliefs we have about ourselves that have originated from other people’s opinions of us.

It’s the strained relationships we haven’t dealt with.

It’s the resentment that we have yet to release.

Sometimes it just starts with having an unfiltered, honest conversation with yourself.

No matter what your past looks like, no matter how you think others perceive you and no matter what doubts you currently have about yourself, I want you to understand this;

You are regal. You are divine. You are love, personified.

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