Why we’re so scared to let go of our stories

Why we’re so scared to let go of our stories

For some, our stories are what make us; what many of us identify with and hold on to. 


We all have stories we tell ourselves, often unconsciously. We’ve developed some of these stories through what we’ve learnt growing up, what others have told us about ourselves, or through how we’ve interpreted and processed certain experiences in life. 

It’s no secret that some of these stories simply don’t serve us. It can be easy to flimsily go through life not questioning what we tell ourselves; not questioning why we don’t allow ourselves to do certain things or have certain experiences and why we tell ourselves ‘we can’t’ or just blindly accept that something is ‘not for us’. Sometimes it can feel easier to fully embody our stories rather than challenge them. Because who are we without them? Who are we without our trauma? Who are we without our fears? When we remove all of the limitations we created for ourselves, we no longer have anything to hide behind, we no longer have any excuses. And that can feel frightening.

But issues with our stories really rear their heads when we begin to take a turn in being more intentional and wanting more for our lives. We hit roadblocks because of all the limitations we’ve created around what we can and cannot do and what is acceptable for us. And it can feel quite discouraging when we feel as though we’re getting nowhere. It’s at these points that we need to courageously immerse ourselves in the unknown. It’s here that we need to bravely trust that without our limitations and by moving through our fears, we become closer to our highest, most divine selves. Closer to alignment. 


By Olivia, founder of WWH

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